Fake ‘Gel’ based nail polishes can damage your nails

The battle to clean up the beauty industry and rid the fake merchandise currently being sold on line still continues.

This week we spotted a blatant attempt at ‘passing off’ of a popular nail brand called “Gelish”  This brand is very well established and leads the way in quality products in the UK and worldwide market place. The products are only sold with accredited distributors and professional nail technicians that use Gelish products on a legitimate basis, will also have had some degree of training and qualification in enabling them to carry out proper nail treatments and also in applying the product correctly.

safety in beauty fake nail polishThe product that you can see on the left of this picture is a fake product that is being sold on an on line shopping site, buyer beware you may be buying a cheaper product yes, but do you actually know what was in it? many cheaper nail product contain harmful solvent that can not only damage your nail health but also cause severe allergic reactions to your skin.

safety in beauty Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 08.51.25This week on Twitter our Safety in Beauty supporter Sue Ibrahim ( a nurse and aesthetic professional) tweeted a couple of pictures to illustrate the potential damage.

Please be aware.


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