Endospheres Therapy Sponsors Best Beauty Business of The Year 2020

We are delighted to announce that Endospheres Therapy will sponsor the award for Best Beauty Business in the UK at the Safety in Beauty Awards 2020.  Both The Safety and Beauty Campaign and Diamond Awards are at the core of what Endospheres Therapy believes in. This award celebrates beauty brands in the UK promoting safe and reliable treatments. It’s the perfect award to be sponsor for Endospheres Therapy which is used universally in spas, aesthetic centres and beauty clinics worldwide.

Reasons to love Endospheres.

Clients love Endospheres, it doesn’t hurt, there is no downtime and its non-invasive. It increases circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and restores tissue.

It is an all-inclusive solution: face or the body treatments are for all skin types. There are very few contraindications to the treatment.  Its restorative affect is complimentary to other treatments.

Clinics love Endospheres. It is a futuristic therapy that integrates a sensor that feels the tissue. It can then deliver the right amount of energy for the body. There are no consumable costs for the treatments giving a high return on investment. It’s a multiplatform that treats cellulite, loss of skin laxity and rejuvenates the skin.

Therapists Love Endospheres. Each client has a different set of conditions and a different make up.  As an integral part of our training, therapists learn to tailor courses. designing treatments to suit specific conditions creating individual treatment regimes. Understanding the composition and make-up of the body, we see that “one treatment fits all’ approach is too simplistic.

The world loves Endospheres. It’s sustainable, no consumables and has no disposable parts. The treatment itself is non-invasive and stimulates natural processes for the restoration of the body. Repairing and restoring the tissues from the inside out could not be a more natural process. The Compressive Microvibration method stimulates and balances the body. It restores the interstitial fluid and nourishes the tissues.

If you are a beauty business, spa or aesthetic business or professional please click here to enter The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2020

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