Dubai Tightens Up On Safety In Beauty Industry

Mandatory training for beauty centre staff results in a safer industry in Dubai.

Dubai Municipality have tightened up on regulations in salons in Dubai, thanks to the training that has now become mandatory  which also means that all salon staff in Dubai  undergo a basic health and safety training annually.  Health supervisors in charge of each salon also have to have advanced training every five years.

Since Dubai Municipality have offered the training, 9,000 staff have graduated, this has helped boost safety and hygiene practices in men’s salons and women’s beauty centres in the emirates.

Dr Naseem Mohammed, senior manager at the health and safety department of the Dubai Municipality, told Khaleej Times that the trained employees will be responsible for assessing health and safety risks in the salons and beauty centres, developing corrective measures and updating work plans to prevent risks.

Training includes the supervision of cleaning and sterilisation, and dealing with the disposal of beauty tools, the training also includes tasks on improving practices and all other matters related to the health and safety of customers and employees.

Over 9,555 salon employees across Dubai from December 2017 until the end of July 2018 have been trained as part of the initiative.

So far, the initiative succeeded to raise the level of commitment of public health premises to safety and public health regulations and legislations from 91.34 per cent in the end of 2017 to 93.58 per cent in second quarter of 2018.

Once training is completed, employees are expected to follow up the inspection reports issued by the municipality to ensure that all the violations mentioned are rectified to enhance the level of classification of men’s salons and women’s beauty centres.

The key is to improve them in all aspects to receive customers from all communities in Dubai, visitors and participants in the global flagship event Expo 2020,” said Mohammed.
The initiative is part of strategic objective to ensure safety and public health, which falls within the strategic plan of the Dubai Municipality 2016-2021 by raising awareness and enhancing the knowledge of salon and beauty centre employees.

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