Dr Daniel Sister on PRP Therapy, Hype and Safety


As Dracula Therapy becomes popular, frequent news and press reports surface about the sought after treatment, The Safety in Beauty Campaign believes that education and information are the key to making safe choices, so we asked Dr. Daniel Sister, a member of the campaign expert advisory panel to provide our readers and supporters with some insight into the treatment, and clarify the media hype and lay out the facts about safety in PRP.

“Aesthetic medicine is an important and valuable medical field, however ‘miracle’ treatments come and go, and having treated the damage some procedures have caused, I’m dedicated to supporting the Safety in Beauty Campaign.

Research is key to ensure both patient safety and great results. New treatments should go through a detailed process before we even consider using them on patients. This includes: conception, development, testing, analysis of results, random and blind) and research should be published. Only then should we consider if it is interesting enough to use, worth our investment and offers a good result for the patient.

Let’s never forget the first lesson in medical school: FIRST DO NOT HARM.

PRP has established medical substance. In fact PRP growth factors were discovered in 1953 and the doctors responsible were awarded a Nobel Prize. Today there are more than 30,000 published studies on the subject.

PRP is one of (if not THE) safest treatment, as no one can be allergic to their own plasma, and there is no risk of granulomas or asymmetry. However, like everything else in medicine, it must be used correctly.

No visible facial blood with "real" PRP therapy

No visible facial blood with “real” PRP therapy

Much of the press coverage of PRP has been misleading, including horrifying photos of celebrities with blood on their faces. This gives a false account of the procedure, and fails to explain its scientific background.

I have trained hundreds of people to perform PRP, however I only offer training to doctors, aesthetic nurses and dentists. I believe you need to be confident in taking blood, have sound anatomical knowledge and a strong scientific understanding to explain the treatment. I’m proud to work with the Safety in Beauty Campaign to ensure that we spread the understanding on this incredible treatment and are able to offer it to patients who may have suffered from errors and complications such as scarring or asymmetry.

This year my book, Platelet Rich Plasma: A New Frontier in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, has been published by Officina Editoriale Oltrano. I hope this helps further spread the word about this safe and efficient treatment throughout the medical community.

About the Author:

safety in beauty expert advisor dr daniel sisterDr. Daniel L. Sister is a world-renowned cosmetic, anti-ageing and hormone specialist. Since receiving his medical doctorate at the Paris Medical School he has built a global reputation specializing in minimally invasive anti-ageing procedures and hormone treatments.

A market leader and pioneer, Dr Sister has introduced a number of groundbreaking treatments to the UK market, including the highly successful Dracula Therapy™, Dr Sister’s unique version of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, which has attracted worldwide attention.

Dr. Sister appears regularly on television and radio, in the national and international press, and has written and co-written a number of books including the highly successful ‘Your Hormone Doctor’.

Dr. Sister is The Safety in Beauty advisory panel expert for all areas of PRP related treatments, and hormone subjects. Dr. Daniel is available for Safety in Beauty press and media interviews relating to this area of specialty.


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