Dissapointing Government Response to Keogh Review

After much anticipation and waiting the government response to the Keogh Review was published on Thursday 13th February 2014, at 11.am. The results were quite frankly nothing short of disappointing.

Hundreds of members within the cosmetic interventions industry had worked hard over the last year to make a significant contribution in gathering and presenting evidence to the government, all with the ultimate objective which was to bring about much needed change in a largely unregulated industry, but along with many campaigners nationwide including our own efforts, the published response was what many professionals and associations deemed a “wasted opportunity”. The announcement reveals that very little regulation will be implemented.

The most disappointing aspect of the announcement was the governments rejection of two key recommendations, these were:

1. A compulsory register of cosmetic practitioners, and

2. The recommendation to make dermal fillers ‘prescription only medical devices’

These two recommendations would have undoubtedly dramatically changed the cosmetic interventions industry and protected the public from unscrupulous under trained practitioners ensuring that suitably trained and only medically qualified professionals would have been able to administer cosmetic treatments. However this will never materialise.

Perhaps the government is not fully aware of the horrific extend of the daily damage and harm that innocent members of the public are subjected to?

I know from the fervent efforts of many organisations and professionals within the industry that an enormous amount of evidence had been presented to government! but perhaps the powers that be, have chosen to overlook this evidence, and have brushed it under the carpets of beaurocracy, after all, why risk damaging the huge commercial scope that the cosmetic interventions industry represents to the British economy? this is a clear cut case of pound notes prevailing over principle here. It wouldn’t be the first time in politics.

Consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS president Rajiv Grover, stated, “Frankly, we are no less than appalled at the lack of action taken – this review, not the first one conducted into the sector, represents yet another thoroughly wasted opportunity to ensure patient safety.

“It’s business as usual in the Wild West and the message from the Government is clear: roll up and feel free to have a stab,” he concluded.

As predicted the government response has been slow, and insultingly vague, with no concrete or definitive time line for any of the proposed legislations or implementations. Members of the public still remain largely unprotected from rogue practitioners, aggressive marketing tactics that prey on the vulnerable, and non medically qualified individuals being given free reign to inject substances into peoples faces after having only attended a 1 day training course.

The battle continues….

The full response can be read here

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