Criteria for Applicants

To increase your chances of being shortlisted as a finalist at The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2022, entrants are required to meet at least 8-10 criteria points, which are listed in the five categories below.

Training and Development (where possible please demonstrate)

  • Qualifications and Education demonstrated and visible in business premises
  • Experience/evidence minimum 3 years experience in sector
  • Examples of case studies, scientific studies, papers, books, or articles published
  • Evidence of specialist training
  • Demonstrating a clear dedication to the refinement and advancement of a particular specialty, skill or interest.
  • Continuous professional development.
  • Creating and implementing training schemes, courses and workshops for the purposes of education, learning and development for the industry and colleagues
  • Any work undertaken as a brand KOL, Ambassador or spokesperson (give details)
  • Evidence of registration to any regulating professional bodies and organisations

The Patient or Customer Experience (where possible please demonstrate)

  • Clinical outcomes, well detailed examples including photographs
  • Record keeping, compliancy with data protection and efficient management ICO
  • Recommendations, and reviews which can be verified
  • Hygiene and Safety compliancy, licenses, certificates, training courses completed
  • Examples of (non public) patient and client feedback, (e.g direct communication, letters of thanks etc)
  • Consistent growth in track record, give details of years in business and growth of business
  • Example of patient/client experience being positive, safe outcomes (show patient/client journey can be video or photographic or written)
  • Examples of safeguarding clients and patients with psychological evaluations, and/or other emotional support services
  • Examples of business marketing materials used to market your business/service/product
  • Photographic evidence of Insurance policies clearly displayed on premises
  • Examples of aftercare policy, give examples of advice, support, and methods of information for aftercare for patients/clients
  • Demonstrate examples of good practice exercised in business activity on a daily basis
  • Emergency policies and protocols
  • Emergency out of hours policy
  • Emergency training certificates and courses completed
  • Video testimonials

Media Proactive (where possible please demonstrate)

  • Proactive in sharing news, opinions and creating awareness in mainstream media or via social media
  • Writing blogs, sharing articles and videos for the purposes of creating awareness and educating on safety
  • Inclusive, community outreach,
  • Media activity, inclusion in articles,TV, Radio or other media work.
  • Books published
  • Awards and accolades won

Independent and Proactive (where possible please demonstrate)

  • Creating awareness via own forms of activities such as independent self formed campaigns or creating and distributing petitions, other activities
  • Supporting charitable/non-profit causes that raise awareness of safety in health, wellness, personal care and beauty
  • Reporting incidences of bad practice or unsafe practice to relevant authorities such as GDC, GMC and NMC, ASA, CQC

Charitable Endeavour and Pro Bono Work (where possible please demonstrate)

  • Professionals, brands, and business activities that have given up a significant amount of their fee earning time, to help charitable cases, at no cost whatsoever.
  • Pro-bono work, UK or worldwide.
  • Charitable endeavours, activities and projects
  • Consumer facing campaigns
  • Donations, fundraising and examples of charitable support

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