Challenger brand, HOOHAA, Launches Fragrance Subscription Service

Challenger brand, HOOHAA, Launches Fragrance Subscription Service

July 2021 – London, HOOHAA, is a new shopping experience helping consumers who require a more current and inclusive approach to fragrance seek out and enjoy niche fragrances; that may ordinarily be left undiscovered. The mainstream fragrance market is noisy and crowded, while a vast amount of independent fragrance producers find it near impossible to cut through with consumers at all. With beauty halls feeling like a distant memory and virtual beauty discovery at its peak in consumer interest now is the time to support and experiment with responsible, sustainable and unique fragrances with monthly subscription service, HOOHAA.

HOOHAA will offer subscribers the option to choose from three edits. Instead of filling out complex questionnaires or trying to make sense of pompous marketing talk, HOOHAA invites you to simply choose between three different,  self-explanatory Edits:

Easy Does It – A range of easily wearable yet interesting fragrances.

Buckle Up – Perfumes for those who don’t shy away from the risk of gluing their own noses (or the noses of others) to their wrists.

Take Me To Mars – A selection for the truly adventurous and advanced fragrance fans.

HOOHAA then curates the monthly fragrances, allowing you to experience scents you may not have thought to try before, increasing the chance of finding a new niche fragrance that feels just right and unique for you. Some of the fragrance brands include Frassai, The Zoo, Senyoko, Maya Njie and many more. You can change the edit you receive at any time, as tastes and preferences inevitably develop and change. The brand also offers a three (£39.00), six (£75.000), and twelve-month (£139.00) gift subscription, a perfect gift for fragrance enthusiasts. HOOHAA also have full-sized bottles available to buy from their website from all the scents featured within their drops. 

Founders, Lorenzo Vasini and Ryan Hall, have been fascinated by the fragrance market, researching the landscape over the last few years. With the intuition and feeling that fragrance production was becoming increasingly innovative, they knew an opportunity to create access to excellent, niche fragrances in an efficient and fun way. 

When seeking brand partners to be part of the HOOHAA journey, there’s a genuinely inclusive selection process for small, independent fragrance producers, who are pushing the creative boundaries of perfumery and disregarding binaries that had previously defined the market. 

Lorenzo Vasini, Founder and CEO, says, “Beauty has undergone extreme change and innovation over the past 5-10 years, and last year’s events have only accelerated what was already happening. From Birchbox to Glossier and the creation of infinite amounts of D2C brands. But fragrance as a sub-category has virtually stood still. 

It’s not that the products have stood still. Absolutely not; there are literally thousands of independent producers creating incredible products. But the way fragrance is curated, positioned, described, marketed and sold, in our opinion, has to evolve. Because today’s consumers have evolved. The new consumers of fragrance and Beauty increasingly don’t recognise the standard men/women categorisation. And most of them certainly don’t understand what a note pyramid is! Combine that with the lack of f2f retail, and you have a recipe for massive, rapid, online disruption. Which is where we come in.”

Ryan Hall, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, comments, “We aim to help our customers cut through the noise in fragrance. From curating the newest, most purpose-driven, high-quality brands with people that care behind them. To simplify perfume descriptions and busting some of the myths the industry has dined out on for many decades. And all wrapped up in a small but perfectly formed, aesthetically pleasing monthly vial of pleasure – delivered to you for a long-term test, without an army of snooty sales assistants forcing the latest release on you! We want to make an inaccessible market accessible to everyone that cares enough to try us out.” HOOHAA retails at £14.95 per month. 

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