CACI For Men – Safe Treatments for The Newbie Metrosexual

Here at Safety in Beauty we are often approached by our male supporters asking questions about safe treatments and remedies for a number of skin issues. We advocate a balanced approach to skin health by recommending lifestyles that incorporate healthy diets, fitness, sleep and treatments that are effective and safe.

Our largest group of male orientated skin questions seem to surface from the busy professional, picture your burnt out commuting working father with little time to devote to himself, stressed out by the demands of a hectic woking week schedule, and weekends filled with a myriad of kids clubs and social commitments, skin seems to be the greatest give away of the tired modern millennial man.

In a bid to recommend a great treatment to our male supporters that is both a natural effective solution and a great pick me up, we sent one tester to try The Instant Skin Booster by CACI. The treatment starts with a Purity Oxygenating Vitaskin Lotion to deeply cleanse the skin before a Floral Anti-Aging Toner is applied to refresh and re-balance. Next, the skin is ready to be nourished by the Collagen Mask. The facial will conclude with the application of Lifting Collagen Booster and incorporating CACI Synergy Jowl Lift techniques with S.P.E.D ® technology. The non-invasive procedure uses light therapy and mircocurrent to be used simultaneously, resulting in a tightening and lifting action to get facial muscles back into shape helping to define a chiseled jawline, followed by Dr Burgener’s Intense Lift Collagen Cream. Anti-Wrinkles Eye Contour Gel is applied on the delicate eye area with drainage movements to help reduce puffiness.

Construction professional James David Archant, 46, from North London tried The Instant Skin Booster and said: “My skin was dry and tired, my eyes were especially were looking tired, I was looking at least ten years older than I should, but I know my pace of life has a lot to do with it, the instant skin booster was a 60 minute miracle that worked wonders for my skin, I would say it is almost addictive, for someone like me who has no time to devote to looking my best, and for someone who is quite fearful of anything to do with aesthetic treatments, I am hooked, this was nothing short of brilliant, and my skin is absolutely grateful for it”

Collagen is essential for the health and appearance of skin, and this protein is also necessary to reduce the typical signs of aging. The association of Acacia and peptides promote hydration and the stimulation of collagen synthesis.  This vital ingredient in the Dr Burgener products, combined with the CACI Synergy microcurrent, effectively reduces wrinkles and boost the skin’s youth.

The Instant Skin Booster treatment, 45 minutes at £125, available at the Four Seasons Hotel London Spa at Ten Trinity Square, 10 Trinity Square, London, EC3N 4AJ

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