Bulk reveals the UK tops a list of countries that search for body editing apps the most

Bulk reveals the UK tops a list of countries that search for body editing apps the most

Research conducted by the sports nutrition company Bulk revealed that people in the UK search for body editing apps 23,510 times each month. That’s almost 800 searches every day, or one every two seconds.

Germany claimed the second spot with 16,770 searches a month while Italy came third with 14,770 searches. Below is the list of top 10 countries searching for body editing apps in Europe:

1. UK – 23,510 searches
2. Germany – 16,770 searches
3. Italy – 14,770 searches
4. France – 13,510 searches
5. Spain – 11,590 searches
6. Holland – 10,590 searches
7. Greece – 9,280 searches
8. Poland – 8,690 searches
9. Romania – 7,530 searches
10.Sweden – 7,190 searches

When it comes to worldwide searches for body editing apps, the US took the first spot with 69,400 searches a month, followed by Brazil (27,300) and Indonesia (25, 710). Below is the full list of searches for body editing apps worldwide:

1. US – 69,400 searches
2. Brazil – 27,300 searches
3. Indonesia – 25, 710 searches
4. UK – 23,510 searches
5. Canada – 18,430 searches
6. Turkey – 18,140 searches
7. Germany – 16,770 searches
8. Mexico – 15,310 searches
9. Australia – 15,050 searches
10.Italy – 14,770 searches

The study also features a list of the UK cities with the highest number of searches. Unsurprisingly, London came out on top with 11,690 searches each month, followed by Birmingham with 3,680 searches and Manchester with 3,060 searches.

Bulk also teamed up with the influencers Alex Crockford, Hayley Madigan, Emily Gervasio and Tristan Defeuillet-Van to showcase the impact of body editing apps. Bulk created one image with subtle changes and one with the same amount of edits as searches for the apps in their respective home countries, making the influencers unrecognisable to create awareness around overusing the body editing apps and encourage body positivity.

Abi Roberts, Sports Nutritionist at Bulk, said: ‘’The rise of social media in today’s society has had a positive effect on many users but it also has a tendency to encourage unhealthy habits and fuel dysmorphia. We believe in body positivity and wanted to create awareness around overusing the body editing tools and encourage people to focus on health-boosting goals rather than unrealistic body image expectations.’’

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