Botox and cosmetic procedures could be banned for under 18s

6th February 2020: BBC Radio Kent: Safety in Beauty Founder and Editor Antonia Mariconda was interviewed by BBC Radio Kent, as news updates emerged, following on from the Tory MP, who took Michael Fallon’s place at the December General Election, said: “No child needs cosmetic Botox or fillers. My Bill will stop the dangerous and unnecessary non-medical procedures that can ruin children’s lives”, Sevenoaks MP Laura Trott will be introducing a bill to protect children from unregulated surgeries, having been drawn in the Private Member’s Bill ballot last month.

Antonia Mariconda of Safety in Beauty stated: “We welcome the hard work of Laura Trott and are willing to share and assemble any information that may assist her in her presentation of this important matter of public safety”

If successful, Botox and certain cosmetic procedures could be banned for under 18s.

“I promised during the election campaign that I would focus on helping children and families, and this is one of the steps I am taking to deliver on that promise.”

MPs will be able to debate the bill on May 15, when a vote will decide whether it should progress any further

If approved it will go to a committee where a cross party group of MPs will scrutinise and amend the bill.

It will then be at the report stage, which is another chance for MPs to amend the Bill and to debate any changes made at committee stage.

The third reading will debate the bill’s general principles.

Once it has gone through these stages in the House of Commons, the process is repeated in the House of Lords. Both Houses must come to an agreement before Royal Assent is granted.

Credit: Kent-Online

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