Better to be safe than sorry

Press Release: 11 February 2014

Better safe than sorry

Two responsible new TV programmes about cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing are scheduled for broadcast from the end of February 2014.  The productions are appearing against a backdrop of increasing demand for cosmetic procedures.  Statistics published on 3 February 2013 by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that the number of people opting for plastic surgery went up again in 20131 and an “impressive double-digit rise in all cosmetic procedures was reported – a trend not seen since the heady pre-recession days of 2008.”  The BAAPS statistics revealed that the number of cosmetic ops last year increased 17% on average since 2012 and not one had procedure decreased in popularity.

Figures such as these are disquieting, and campaigning journalist and broadcaster Antonia Mariconda felt that there was a real need for responsible television programmes about plastic surgery and anti-ageing, to counter-balance the TV productions looking at the extremes procedures to the face and body which are currently the vogue, along with a burgeoning celebrity culture and social media trends for selfies, which may be fuelling this growing demand.

The Safe Guide to Nip & Tuck is showing on Friday 28th February at 9.00 pm and a month later The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Show – A guide to people looking for ways to look and feel younger for longer – will be broadcast on Friday 28th March at 9.00 pm.  The documentaries will feature guest experts including surgeons Patrick Malucci, Dr. Leah Totton, Dr. Tracy Mountford, and Beauty Editor Olivia Falcon, and both air on Sky Fitness and the Beauty Channel 282.

The programmes are being written and presented by Antonia Mariconda, known to millions as The Cosmedic Coach who was so concerned about the growth of problems relating to beauty treatments which she encountered through her work, that she launched a new campaign late in 2013 called Safety in Beauty.   The campaign’s aspiration is to bring about improved, safer practices in the beauty industry and it aims to expose unsafe practices, support the public to help them avoid unscrupulous practice, and advise them when they have experienced a problem as a result of poor treatment.

Since its inception in late 2013 Safety in Beauty has already been contacted by a myriad of people reporting problems with their beauty procedures and vindicates Mariconda’s belief that tighter regulations are long overdue.  She continues to gather evidence of bad practice with the ultimate goal of partitioning the Government.    

As Antonia Mariconda concluded: “We all have the right to look and feel better about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we deserve to suffer the consequences of damage inflicted by incompetent practitioners or business activities.   The beauty business is a hugely profitable industry for those working in it, but as consumers we need to take a stand and say that we will longer suffer nor tolerate sub-standard or potentially harmful activity”.

For more information about Antonia Mariconda and the Safety in Beauty campaign please visit  Antonia would welcome your reports of malpractice, poor treatment outcomes or evidence of unregulated people performing treatments.


1 The BAAPS (, survey published 3 February 2014.  The top ten surgical procedures for men & women for 2013 (total 50,122 – an increase of 16.5%)

In order of popularity:

  • Breast augmentation:                             11,135 – up 13% from last year            
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery):                           7,808 – up 14%                       
  • Face/Neck Lift:                                                  6,380 – up 13%           
  • Breast Reduction:                                               5,476 – up 12.5%            
  • Rhinoplasty:                                                       4,878 – up 17%                         
  • Liposuction:                                                       4,326 – up 41%                        
  • Abdominoplasty:                                                 3,466 – up 16%                        
  • Fat Transfer:                                                     3,302 – up 14.5%                       
  • Browlift:                                                           2,138 – up 17%
  • Otoplasty (ear correction):                                  1,213 – up 14%

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