All You Need to Know About Henna Freckles: The New Gen-Z Beauty Trend

All You Need to Know About Henna Freckles: The New Gen-Z Beauty Trend

Over the past few months, TikTok has really influenced beauty trends, especially the up and coming trend of Henna freckles. This involves applying henna in the form of faux freckles to the face creating a semi-permanent freckle look which doesn’t wash off after an evening skin care routine. Although this is a new trend, some people have their doubts about this new movement that is taking over the Gen-Z beauty world.

Melanie Palm, a San Diego dermatologist, states that most henna dyes are made for hair dye so consumers need to be careful when applying specific types of henna to their face. Black henna can cause severe skin problems and it has been regulated by the FDA, meaning the use of it on the skin is illegal. This can lead to inflammation, skin redness and itching or severe pain.

The best henna to use for the face would be naturally-derived dyes which can be found through reputable henna artists who make dye specifically for the face. It is also important to look for sellers of the dye who work out of a salon so you can be sure they use a business license.

Another top tip from dermatologists is to patch test all henna dyes before putting them on the face, even the natural dyes.

This can be done by testing a portion of the henna on a small part of the skin away from the face. Applying a thin layer of henna to the back of the wrist or forearm and covering with a plaster for three days will do the trick. If there is no rash at the end of the three days, the henna is most likely safe to apply to the face.

When it’s time to apply the safe henna, make sure the skin is freshly washed and dried and not damaged. It is recommended to stipple the henna over the nose to create the desired effect of freckles and leave it to sit for one to two hours. Then, brush the dried henna off the face – do not wash it off. Go to sleep and wait until the next morning to wash the face.

If henna freckles at home don’t sound too appealing, the the best option is always to visit a professional to ensure the henna being used is safe.

By Hannah Spalding

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