Aesthetic Nurse warns of celebrity ‘Blow Up Doll’ curse!

An Aesthetic Nurse this morning warned of celebrity ‘Blow Up Doll’ Curse!

She further added: “Put down the lip fillers, ladies! and asked “Why can’t our favourite celebs close their mouths anymore?”

Am aesthetic nurse has noted a new shocking celebrity trend for over-filled lips, resulting in a ‘blow up doll appearance’.

Famous faces such as Britney Spears are going too far in their quest for beauty perfection according to Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber Julie Brackenbury, who worries it’s glamourising an over-filled look.

She believes the rise in young women seeking extreme lip fillers to emulate their idols is down to celebs showcasing their plump pouts on TV and social media.

But Julie says most of these celebrity aspirations aren’t natural-looking, in fact, the ‘plastic fantastic’ look has now developed into the Blow Up Doll Curse.

Celebrity women including Britney Spears, Sarah Harding, Charlotte Crosby, Tulisa and Stephanie Davis are allvictims of the Blow Up Doll Curse that expert Julie is trying to raise awareness about.

Who’s had what?

1. Britney– lip augmentation using at least 2ml of fillers, unnatural shape
2. Sarah Harding – too much lip work completed, mouth left distorted
3. Charlotte Crosby – at least 3mls of filler to get lips that size, unnatural
4. Tulisa – around 2mls plus extra in the cheeks leaving her mouth distorted
5. Stephanie Davis – at least 1ml, left her lip line distorted

Julie says: “It seems to be all about the nose and lips at the moment. There is no denying it – these celebs have all had work done; they won’t all admit it but it is so obvious!

“We are seeing more and more celebrities “beautify” or trying to when they are already aesthetically pleasing (symmetrical) to the eye. Lets not forget, non surgical treatments like lip fillers were initially for the older generation who mayhave actually needed the odd treatment here and there.

“Now, it seems everyone is having treatments done but not all are being administered ethnically. If you can’t close your mouth properly you’ve overdone the lip fillers, ladies!

“Moreover, it’s the candidate selection that is the key. Not every treatment will suit everyone so it’s really key to know that this is an art not a science. So, you need to see a facial artist to get top of results in my opinion.

“It’s sad that young women are flocking to clinics wanting to emulate this blow up doll look.”
Why do they look so fake?

– Too much too soon

– Not enough downtime between treatments

– Inappropriate product placement

– Inappropriate filler/product

– Practitioner saying “yes” to treatment requests all the time

– Lifestyle factors such as stress, alcohol, lack of sleep, recreational drugs and smoking can affect the face and sometimes make it swollen

– Too much disposable income

However, Julie says it is possible to have natural looking lip treatments by building up treatment slowly, having a practitioner that won’t see you all the time, and the right product is alsoreally important.

“With regards to lips, yes it’s true – beautiful lips can make the face look more youthful, and even improve the application and appearance ofmakeup. They can also take years off an ageing face. But lips start to lookunnatural when excessive filler treatments happen.

“The filler can act as a tissue expander, permanently stretching the skin, and causing the lips to sag and deflate when the filler eventually degrades, leaving you in worse shape than when you started.

“It is unethical practice to just inject for injecting sake. We are not playing cosmetic God here. We need to be looking at the person behind the patient, their motivations and care for that individual. It’s ok to turn back the clock or beautify ones self, but there is a limit; a time to say no and some practitioners need to start looking at their work ethic and morals.”

Julie says this also applies to fillers for the face: “Wrinkles give us character and according to research, feedback from facial expressions influence emotional experience. Treatments can also inhibit the genuine emotional experiences that cause those wrinkles — an essential part of being human!

“There is truly an art to administering non surgical treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers which is why it’s important to go to an experienced practitioner. This overfilled blow up doll look is ridiculous and these women will look back in years to come and likely regret their choices,” Julie concludes.

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