7 considerations for cosmetic surgery patients

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery?

Here are 7 essential health considerations if you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery,

From allergies to your weight and emotional state, please do your research, make informed choices and take your time, don’t be pressured by price, social media or external pressures..

1. You must be open about allergies

It’s important to tell your surgeon if you have sensitive skin and about any known allergies

2. You need to watch your BMI

Results are best for cosmetic procedures if your body mass index is under 30.
If someone is overweight or obese and planning to have surgery, it’s important to be aware that excess weight can possibly put the body under more strain.

3. You’ll need to quit cigarettes and cut back on alcohol

Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing them in size and restricting blood supply to organs and tissues which can slow down a wound’s healing post-surgery.

4. Extra care is needed if you have certain health conditions: so please disclose them to your surgeon.

5. Consider emotional aspects

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t just come with physical implications, there are important emotional aspects to consider as well.

If you’ve experienced mental health issues in the past, they may ask you to consider psychological screening first, prior to any surgery.

6. Consider your post-surgery care

Health considerations are not only important prior to surgery, but also post-surgery too. Remember post-surgery you will need a constant caregiver for up to 48 hours after a procedure.

7. Most importantly, find the right surgeon for you

The most reputable cosmetic surgeons are members of the representative bodies for maintaining excellent industry standards, such as the General Medical Council, BACS, ISAPS, BAAPS or BAPRAS.

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