4 plastic-free beauty products to increase your sustainable purchases

4 plastic-free beauty products to increase your sustainable purchases

It’s Plastic Free July! To celebrate, Safety in Beauty are recommending you 4 plastic-free beauty products to increase your sustainable purchases.

With many of us increasingly trying to reduce our plastic consumption through paper straws, reusable water bottles and fabric tote bags, it only seems right to extend that effort towards the beauty industry too.

Lush Products

As many of our readers are most likely aware, Lush has been purchasing plastic free for years with the premise of their brand based upon natural and organic products – all which are as environmentally friendly as possible. If you like the idea of lush, they sell nearly everything you can think of! From soap paper, shower gel and deodorant to shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser. Lush also provides many different scents for you to choose from and each product targets different needs such as haircare for various types and textures. Lush products can be found in their shops in-store or their website online.

MAKE BEAUTY is a smaller brand but is up and coming in the plastic-free world. They partner with Plastic Bank in order to help them remove plastics in our ocean waters as their noticeable effort to improve sustainability in their packaging. This palette is made up of neutral shades and is known for being universal and able to suit all skin types. The palette includes 8 eyeshadow shades in addition to a blush and highlighter, making it a versatile and travel-friendly palette as a mirror is included too! What more could you ask for? The palette is made from cardboard and metal materials which makes it recyclable and has no plastic. This palette can be found on Net-A-Porter for £22.40.

Bleach London

The extremely Instagrammable rainbow hair dye has taken a leap into sustainability with its plastic free at-home hair dye kits.

The at home kits have no single use plastic as the external packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard and the mixing bowl is made of natural reclaimed coconut shell!

You can use this kit time and time again to create at home kaleidoscopic hair colour.

Bleach London offers a techni-colour dream of coloured at home hair dyes. With over 10 years of experience they offer quality hair dye that is Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Bleach Free.

We love their how-to guides which give novice bleachers a step by step guide on achieving coloured hair safely.

The tool kit can be purchased for £4.50 and you can find a list of where to buy this on the Bleach website, or directly from the Bleach website.


L’Occitane Milk Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap

Another popular and well-known brand L’Occitane sells a Milk Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap which is packaged with paper without the use of a plastic film, making it completely plastic free.

The soap is known to be enriched with shea butter that will gently cleanse the skin and can be used daily.

Their formula is described to be appropriate for all skin types and can be used on the face too!

In addition to being plastic free, the soap is made from 99% readily biodegradable ingredients making the soap gentle for the environment.

This soap can be bought in store and online on the L’Occitane website for £6 – what a bargain!

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