1st Episode of #FillMeIn Series Launches on You Tube

safety in beauty fill me in seriesWatch Episode 1 of The #FillMeIn Series on You Tube

Here at The Safety in Beauty Campaign – we are delighted to present the first episode of a new You Tube series called #FillMeIn.

Click here to watch Episode 1 of #FillMeIn which looks at The Evolution of Dermal Fillers and how they have become so popular.

The express on-line series will be discussing dermal fillers and all subjects related to popular injectable treatments. The series created by The Safety in Beauty Campaign gives tips, information and guides on how to go about seeking injectable aesthetic treatments, safely.

Resident expert for the series, Dr. Sarah Tonks, takes us through each episode with her wealth of expertise and information.

The video includes questions and answers relating to:

The history and evolution of dermal fillers

What are dermal fillers?

How have dermal fillers become so popular?

How do we choose safe dermal fillers?

What can we do if we are not happy with a dermal filler treatment?

Proudly powering the series, is Teoxane UK, as avid supporters of The Safety in Beauty Campaign, and as award winning dermal filler manufacturers, their core ethos is dedicated to creating quality products and safe guarding public wellbeing, thanks to cutting edge technology and scientific research.

The Safety in Beauty Campaign is the UK’s only independent organisation which assists and supports members of the public who are seeking help and advice, following a substandard or botched aesthetic treatment.

  • We create awareness of safe ways to seek cosmetic and aesthetic treatments
  • We provide pathways for emotional, legal and physical support if treatments have gone wrong
  • We expose activities which are unsafe and help protect public health, safety and wellbeing

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