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Launched in October 2013, as the UK’s first ever independent support organisation, The Safety in Beauty Campaign is dedicated to working for your safety.

Our mission is to raise awareness of unsafe activities and news, and empower you to make well informed and safe choices across all sectors of beauty and aesthetics. Click to read our latest news on beauty, cosmetic surger, cosmetic products, personal aesthetic treatments on our website or through our dedicated consumer magazine.

At Safety in Beauty you can research a treatment or a procedure, in a simple, jargon-free reader friendly style. You can also access hundreds of carefully screened and vetted professionals across the UK, in our ‘Trusted Professionals Directory’.

We also support your concerns and queries regarding any unsafe beauty treatments, products, or professionals, and if you are sadly the victim of a sub-standard procedure or treatment we can assist you in getting the right help urgently, with our soon to launch nation-wide, Emergency Response Centres.

Stay safe and thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our work.

Antonia Mariconda | Editor & Founder

Meet Our Latest New Trusted Professionals

Meet our aesthetic, beauty and wellness professionals across the UK, that have passed our 45 point checklist, to become an approved member of our Trusted Professional Community

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Knowledge is power, read our top ten tips on how to go about find a great injector safely, and make the right choice for you.

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The New Generation of Body Sculpting Solutions

Yes, it is possible to tone your body using a number of cutting edge solutions now available,  the cutting edge solutions can compliment your time at the gym, or enhance your goals to another level  Read our guide to the latest (and hottest) body sculpting solutions.


The Safety in Beauty A-Z Glossary to Aesthetic Tweaks

Safety in Beauty estimates there are over 1,000 different types of beauty and aesthetic treatments available to consumers, but with such a dizzying array, where do you begin?, read our A to Z of tweaks and find out what each treatment means and what it entails.


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