Spotlight on Emerald Laser by Erchonia

US based Erchonia Corporation are widely seen as global leaders in their field. Established in 1996, with our first US FDA clearance in 2002, we hold 20 of the 23 US FDA approvals given to low level lasers, 7 of which are for circumferential reduction or reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Our depth of research is streets ahead of any other organisation in this field, and studies are all Level One (510k) placebo controlled, double blind, randomised and multi centred with no adjunct therapies.

Due to the numerous clinical evidence, we have on different parts of the body for circumferential reduction, the US FDA awarded us an ‘overall body circumference’ clearance, the first and only one in this industry

Erchonia are proud to have launched the game changing Emerald Laser in the UK in September 2021.

EMERALD™ is a revolution in fat loss; non-thermal, with an impressive safety profile and clinicals to match. EMERALD™ has become one of the fastest growing brand names in the fat-reduction market with some of the most influential cosmetic doctors, surgeons and celebrated clinics on its books. Patients can lose an average of 6 inches over a course of 6-10 treatments. The laser creates a small transitory pore for the fatty liquids to seep out. The result is that the fat cells shrink instead of being killed. When this happens, the shrunken cells begin to act and function like healthy, lean fat cells, releasing the correct messages to the brain causing other fat cells to release their content too.

EMERALD™ is only device FDA Cleared for overall circumferential reduction on patients up to 40 BMI, not just small pockets of fat and it can also treat cellulite. It requires no heat or cooling, is completely safe and painave been no reported side effects or adverse reactions, and the system is truly inspired by the simplicity of nature, differentiating it from competing products in the sector’.

Dr Munir Somji says,

“It’s proven to be enormously effective technology and it doesn’t use excessive heat or cooling preserving the endocrine function of the fat cell – which is truly unique. Given it’s mode of action where the function of the fat cell is preserved – there is no chance of paroxysmal adipose hypertrophy. Emerald can produce noticeable results in a short space of time and is the only technology to be given US FDA market clearance for overall body circumference reduction in patients up to 40 BMI, whilst also treating small pockets of fat and cellulite. 

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