Does Katie Price know her injector is not a medical professional?

safety in beauty This morning our campaign tweeted and published a Facebook message urging people to check the credentials of their injectors. In the UK beauty therapists are currently allowed to inject the public with toxin fillers and aesthetic dermal fillers, sadly many beauty therapists (not being medically qualified) can not deal with urgent medical complications that can arise from such treatments.

The Safety in Beauty Campaign suggest having invasive treatments with needles by medical professionals only. We have witnessed and documented many complications arising from non medically qualified injectors and we publish this statement to simply ask the public to make an “informed” choice. It is your face after all, so look after it well.

If you are going to have injectable aesthetic treatments with a non medically qualified professional, (it is your choice after all) and we must reiterate it is LEGAL for a beauty therapist at a certain level of NVQ training to inject, then we urge you strongly to due your due diligence.

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