3 Beauty Styles That Never Go Out of Date

Whether you are looking to better define your style or to make investments in pieces that will never go out of fashion, knowing which aesthetics never go out of date is vital. As more and more people are becoming aware of the environmental dangers of the fast-paced, throw away fashion and beauty culture, many are looking to focus on timeless styles. The list below outlines the three most iconic styles that never goes out of date.

  1. Boho

Boho style, otherwise known as a bohemian style, is one of those aesthetics that never seems to go out of date. Boho is the epitome of cool-girl style; it is easy to wear and instantly recognizable with free and breezy silhouettes. The boho style is most closely associated with the 1960s and 1970s, specifically with the Woodstock counter-cultureof the American youth.

Despite this trend’s strong association with a certain period in time, it seems to have remained a constant influence over fashion trends. Even if it is not the specific overall boho style, it is common to see boho motifs like fringe, 70s prints, maxi dresses or western details on the runway. Women’s Boho Clothingis sure to be a mainstay for many years to come as it is one of the easiest, coolest, and more timeless styles.

The Boho makeup style can differ depending on your preferences. The makeup trends in the 1970s involved striking eye makeup, as you can see from the Vogue covers of the time. However, the boho aesthetic is usually more toned down as it embodies a free and breezy mindset that is more closely associated with free, breezy, glowing makeup. To embody the boho hippy mentality, go for light, natural makeup, and beachy waves.

  1. Parisian Chic

There is something so timeless about the Parisian chic aesthetic. This is a style that prides itself on classic, timeless, seemingly effortless style. With fashion icons like Jane Birkin and Coco Chanel forging the path for Parisian chic is it has become one of the most timeless styles.

The Parisian chic aesthetic focus on buying timeless basics that will last forever. This means finding the right t-shirt, white shirt, jeans, leather jacket, and pair of boots. It is about buying investment pieces that will last and will elevate even the most simple and understated looks. This is a great aesthetic for anyone trying to shop more sustainably, as it focuses on investing in pieces that will stand the test of time.

Parisian chic makeup is, as you might expect, understated. As the whole aesthetic is about trying to look like you haven’t tried at all, natural is best. You can add a bit of mascara or a classic red lip to elevate a makeup look but hold back on heavy skin makeup like contour.

  1. Japanese Minimalism

Japanese Minimalismis actually part of a long and rich tradition that is inspired by Buddhism and Confucianism. The ideas of Japanese Minimalism can apply to how you live your life, arrange your home and the clothes you wear. The focus is on creating a capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to create space in your home and your mind.

The Japanese minimal aesthetic is most notable in clean and plain clothing, usually without striking colors or patterns. However, these pieces can be deceptively simple, as the minimal pieces are usually made up of striking designs and oversized silhouettes. The Japanese minimal aesthetic has been a long-standing influence over Asian fashion and is becoming more influential in the west.

When it comes to Japanese minimal makeup, there is more of a focus on beauty than makeup application. Therefore, focus your efforts on your beauty routine to improve the quality and health of your skin, rather than trying to cover imperfections with makeup.

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